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Wrinkle and scar treatment with plasma

Dermatology uses modern plasma technology for wound healing, pigmentation and acne. Clinical studies also confirm antibacterial efficacy. In cosmetics, plasma streaming is used for wrinkles, couperosis, scars, impure skin and smoothing the skin surface. So far we knew three aggregate states, solid, liquid, gaseous. The science now discovered the fourth aggregate, the plasma.

Plasma Definition:
Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of ions and electrons. This gas is formed by ionization.

Effect on the cell
Each cell has a so-called membrane potential (difference of electrical potential between the inside of the cell intracellular space and the extracellular space). The internal membrane is negatively charged and the external membrane is positively charged. The natural aging of the skin results in an irregular distribution of the electrical Charge. The level of the membrane potential of the cells is formed and influenced by cations of sodium + and potassium +. Sodium + is difficult to penetrate through the cell membrane, while potassium + is very easy to penetrate.

By the plasma discharge with the plasmastift, a change of sodium + and potassium + ions and also the permeability through the membrane is made possible. The cations are put back into the correct position. The basis of the technology supports the natural physiological cell process. During the treatment, no chemical substances are incorporated into the skin.

Application areas:
Face, decollete, chest, hands.

Treatment options:
Couperose (enlarged veins)
pigmentation spots
Stretch marks, scars


The innovative anti-aging treatment of the new type.
Micro-Needling treats the skin with a hand-held device.
This device has 7, 12 or 36 (depending on the region to be treated) micro-fine needles.
When pierced into the skin, the needles irritate certain receptors.
As a result, the skin cells are stimulated to regenerate and it forms
Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
Even after the first treatment, wrinkles are reduced, the skin is firmer, firmer
Younger and fresher.
In addition, the absorption capacity of the skin is more receptive for targeted
Anti-aging active ingredients.

Micro-Needling is displayed:
for wrinkle reduction
For the tightening of relaxed skin
For the treatment of pregnancy
in hyperpigmentation
In sun-damaged as well as large-pored skin
for acne scars
for surgical scars

As a rule, 6 treatments are required every 2-3 weeks. After the spa treatment every 8-10 weeks a refresher treatment is useful.
Treatment procedure:
After cleansing and disinfecting the areas to be treated, microdermabrasion or enzyme peeling is performed.
Now a type-specific active substance is applied and the selected area is machined with the Micro-Neddler. Due to the fine needles and the variable needle length, one can also work exactly on sensitive skin regions.
After the Needling, a soothing special mask is applied to the treated part.
A sterile hyaluron gel and light day care complete the treatment.

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