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Massage is one of the most natural and gentlest healing methods. Felt a person pain, he will place his hands instinctively to the painful area, located approximately rub the aching neck. Especially in the eastern doctrines the healing power of hands has always been part of the treatment.

Abhyanga - Ayurvedic massage
Abhyanga full body massage with warm oil,
Duration by relaxation ca. 90 min.

Shiroabhyanga - Ayurvedic massage
Head, arm and back massage with warm oil

Garshana - Ayurvedic massage
Full body massage with a glove made of raw silk

Padabhyanga - Ayurvedic massage
Leg and foot massage with warm oil

Mukabhyanga - Ayurvedic massage
Face - decollete massage 45 min.

Classic massage
one of the oldest remedies

Reflexology is a stimulation of the reflex zones. By pressing certain points and zones on the feet, the organs and glands functions are harmonized, moreover also pleasant emotional effects are showing.
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Classic massage
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